We invite you to build together a space, community and programs to inspire, connect, and enable entrepreneurs and organizations to drive positive impact in your city and the World. And we invite you to do this together as part of our collaborative Global Impact Hub Network.

  By joining the Impact Hub Network you and your team:
  • Become part, build, and influence development of our Global Impact Hub Association, its services and programs for Makers, Members, and Impact Hubs around the world
  • Accelerate your learning curve and success of your Impact Hub project by getting access to guides, webinars, online platforms, training events, and personal support from experienced Impact Hub Associates
  • Access  examples, programs, and cooperation opportunities to strengthen the value your Impact Hub provides to your community of entrepreneurs and organizations. These includes events, fellowship, incubación, and acceleration programs, emong others.
  • Make part of a global community of more than 11000 co-founders, managers, and members, which are connected both through online platforms and annual events
  • Get license to use a global and growing brand that contributes to your project's legiticamy, member adherence, and partner support
We look for leaders passionate about contributing to the development of their ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation for positive impact and change in their countries. These leaders acknowledge that anything of relevance cannot be done alone. Thus, Impact Hub invites qualified teams to apply as Candidates for Seed Pogram Latin America and partner with us to bring an Impact Hub to their city. Deadline for Candidate Application is April 30, 2016. Following is a description of the necessary steps to apply and profile of qualified teams.  

Apply as candidate by April 30th 2016

  1. Build a qualified team and register in Impact Hub Makers Site. Your team must have at least three members (see profile of qualified teams below). This team can evolve over time (new members may come in and current ones may go out), but a core team of three needs to be in place by the time of application. Register your team in the Impact Hub Makers Site as soon as possible.
  2. Learn about Impact Hub. Read Impact Hub Presentation for Latin America; read the Makers Site information; and visit an existing Impact Hub; interview with an Impact Hub Co-Founder to present your team; and get an endorsement for your team from the Impact Hub you visit
  3. Apply as Candidate before April 30th, 2016. To apply as Candidate your team will need to develop a series of activities described in the Makers Site, that will take you time. These activities include basic market research (2-4 pages), one community event and report (2 pages), visit and get a reference letter from one Impact Hub, fill out the application including a simple video presenting your team,  and send a copy of application fee deposit receipt.

Profile of qualified teams

A co-founder is someone who, in conjunction with other individuals, is instrumental in starting an Impact Hub. A decade of experience and +80 Impact Hubs confirm that the single most important factor to an Impact Hub success is a strong and committed team of co-founders. The following table describes key characteristics and criteria we look for in teams of Impact Hub co-founders:
  • General team composition and committment
    • The team has three or more co-founders (individuals or institutions), mixing experience and competencies such as: entrepreneurship, business management, facilitation/community development, passion for social/development entrepreneurship and projects, and strong local network and recognition
    • Each co-founder is committed to the project's success and has a clear role/functions to contribute to the success of the Impact Hub. At least one and ideally most of the co-founders get full time involved in the Impact Hub at Initiative or Operational (up and running) stages. No requirement for full-time involvement at Candidate stage.
    • Co-founders know each other for some time or have worked together before (at least two of them)
    • The Impact Hub is created as an independent and entrepreneurial venture that becomes a separate and autonomous legal entity and adhering to the global Impact Hub brand and guidelines
    • Alignment of values between co-founders and Impact Hub
  • Ownership
    • All co-founders have equity ownership. Ideally, equity is equally distributed among co-founders or, in any case, fairly distributed based on financial and inking contributions to the project.
    • Co-founders are able to shape strategy and participate in decision making. Participation of investors s welcome, but team of co-founders are majority owners of equity and have majority voting rights in Impact Hub.
    • Co-founders and investors are willing to share decision making and collaborate regarding their Impact Hub, as well as become an active participant of the Global Impact Hub Association
  • Management
    • All co-founders are fully engaged in the board of directors and/or management team of the Impact Hub, working together to make it a success – at least 1-2 co-founders are engaged in the management team running day-to-day operations and programs in the first years of the Impact Hub operation
    • Strong connection between ownership and management of the Impact Hub

How is the process to open a new Impact Hub?

Opening an Impact Hub may take between six to 18 months depending on the level of maturity of your team, and involves the following steps: Ongoarding Process (English)  


If you and your qualified team wants to talk with an Impact Hub representatives about the process, requirements, and costs of creating an Impact Hub in your city, as well as learn more about the support and partnership provided by Impact Hub, please contact Hanna Ruddies, Global Growth and Onboarding Coordinator at hanna.ruddies@impacthub.net