Makers from five Impact Hubs in Africa – Khartoum, Accra, Harare and Bamako,  and our Resilience Africa partners, Cordaid – gathered in Impact Hub Berlin for three days to come up with a framework for the Theory of Change.

[A Theory of Change is a specific and measurable description of a social change initiative that forms the basis for strategic planning, on-going decision-making and evaluation.]

In Berlin, the Theory of Change explored was: how to create resilience for entrepreneurial ecosystems in difficult business environments; one that acknowledges the challenges, risks and successes as well as highlights the opportunities and identifies the enablers for success in spite of local challenges experienced by communities and entrepreneurs. The discussions ranged from different theoretical frameworks for understanding meaning of resilience to practical case studies.

Claudia Valladares (Impact Hub Caracas), Jonathan Robinson (original founder of the first Impact Hub in London, Impact Hub Islington), Konda Mason (Impact Hub Oakland), Pablo Handl (Impact Hub Sao Paulo) facilitated the workshop, also sharing their insights and practical case studies based on their different Impact Hub’s experience over the last couple of years supporting entrepreneurs in challenging business environments.

The first skeleton of the theory of change was developed, that will go through further iteration  during the upcoming Reimagining Resilience Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia