This week, Impact Hub Kigali launched, making it the second Impact Hub in Africa, after Impact Hub Johannesburg.  Impact Hub Accra, will launch on August 22nd, 2015 bringing the total Impact Hub’s in Africa to 3 in under one year.

Impact Hubs play a critical role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, inspiring, enabling and connecting entrepreneurs, investors, partners and the entrepreneurial community – all value driven impact makers seeding and scaling ideas in different social sectors, that might just change the world.

Impact Hub Kigali will provide a conducive space to do so, a community to share with ideas and learn from each other, and as an amplifier and aggregator of resources to make this happen, collectively contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosytem in Rwanda.


  • If I am an entrepreneur in Kigali, I have a space I can use, a community I can tap into;
  • If I want to connect with and invest in these businesses, there’s a place I can find them all in one place;
  • If I care about creating solutions that change the life or environment for the better, I have a diverse global community of like-minded peers aligned around the same purpose – measurable positive impact for people and planet, that I could collaborate with to make these ideas a reality.

Importance of Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is often credited with many positive changes in developing countries, such as job and wealth creation, innovation and related welfare effects.

Despite Africa’s relatively strong economic growth performance over the past decade, many countries in the continent are grappling with several development challenges ranging from food insecurity, high unemployment, poverty and inequality, to commodity dependence, lack of economic transformation, environmental degradation, and low integration of the continent in the global economy. (UNCTAD, Catalyzing Investment for Transformative Growth in Africa.)
…entrepreneurship is seen as offering potential solutions to problems that are affecting the provision of global public goods –such as ensuring peace,  which is of importance to Rwanda as a country evolving from conflict. …countries need active, equitable and profitable private sectors if they are to graduate from post-conflict aid-dependencies. … [and] entrepreneurs can play a significant and driving role in structural transformation of an economy from being predominantly rural and agricultural based to being urban and manufacturing and service sector based. (Educating Women Entreprenurs in Kigali, Rwanda: Expanding capabilities for enhancing entrepreneurship in a socially just context, Carolien Vis,2012)

Impact Hubs in Africa

Impact Hubs are connected globally, sharing best practices, learnings and insights supporting entrepreneurs, in order to provide the best value for its members. In Africa, five Impact Hubs will launch in 2015 and 2016 in: Ghana, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Johannesburg and Mali. Each of these Impact Hubs have local founders, and base their model on the local context needs. Yet, they also leverage the strength of 80+ Impact Hubs, in 90+ cities around the world with 11,000+ incredible members working on solutions for a better world. At the heart of it, Impact Hubs inspire, connect and enable entrepreneurs to pursue impactful ideas – those that make the world a better place.

Only this week, Impact Hub Accra hosted partners who share this vision including MEST, Case and others at the #PitchForAccra event hosted whose main theme was celebrating entrepreneurship.